Convenience and Comfort vs Creativity

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2016

Convenience and Comfort vs Creativity


Sometimes the decisions we make can jeopardize our state of mind and leave us feeling like we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The rock being convenince and the hard place being our comfort zone. Both can oftimes keep us stagnated and stuck from living out our true purpose.

Think about a time when you did something because it was easier to do but you knew it wasn’t what you wanted. Remember that feeling? The mere thought of making this choice again makes you anxious, and perhaps it’s unnerving. The more you entertained the ideal, the more undesirable it becomes. When faced with life’s challenges its very easy to choose emotional comfort because it is our safe zone. At the first sign of a test, our natural survival instincts tend to kick in and we forget all about that side of brain that controls our creative thinking.

Now think about a current situation or issue you are dealing with, and consider what you are willing to sacrifice to resolve it. How will you deal with your limited belief system?

A limited belief system is a false belief that a person acquires because of making an incorrect conclusion about something in life. For example, your limiting belief about the ability to succeed as soon as failure happens. If you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone and take a risk the returns will be great!

Just today I had to decide, and I knew, it could possibly result in me losing a client, but  I could no longer allow myself to succumb to the current  situation. I realized that my emotional wellness would be compromised and the monetary gain was not worth it.

How did I do it? I started by creating daily, deliberate habits, like scheduling emotional checkups. Asking myself, “how do I feel today,” and what health habits can I commit to doing every day?

Be Courageous!
Don’t be apologetic about removing toxic people and unhealthy behaviors, from occupying your space and stay true to who you are. These are some examples of ways I’ve chosen to cultivate a healthier state of mind and I hope you’ll do the same.
In addition, consider how you might reprogram your way of thinking to correlate with the lifestyle you want to create.

Ask yourself the following three simple but life-changing questions:
• What or who matters the most to you?
• How do you process your thoughts and how is it stopping you?
• When will you get started on the necessary changes?
Understanding who you are knowing how to live in harmony (with yourself, as well as with others), and recognizing when to get moving on the necessary changes, which are ways you can avoid emotional meltdowns that result from choosing comfort and convenience. The goal is to use your creativity to live a life of your own choosing.
Be Amazing!

Patricia Robinson, Author, Speaker and Talk Show Host
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